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Iglesias to Oristano Tour - Bike Tours Europe

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Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: 3 Day
Distance: 147.4 KM
Begin/End: Iglesias / Oristano

Bike Tour Europe & Sardinia

When you think of bike tours in Europe, you probably don't think of Sardinia. However, this three day cycling tour covers everything Sardinian: beautiful Mediterranean beaches, ancient villas, dense forest and even a short off road segment.

There's also deserted mining towns, high climbs along isolated mountain ridges and plenty of architecture.

Get ready. This is going to be a bike tour to remember.

Planning Your Cycling Tour

Be sure to pack extra water and supplies, as most of this tour is in isolated countryside. Day 3 is off-road, so thicker tires are recommended.

When to Cycle

The best times to cycle Sardinia are April-June and September-October. Unlike other bike tours in Europe, crowds aren't really a concern. However, it is better to bike during the week. July and August are too hot for cycling anywhere in Sardinia unless you're going straight to the beach.

Getting To/From Cycling Route

Buses run to Iglesias from Cagliari (€3.50; 1 hour). Trains also leave from Cagliari (€5.15; 1 hour), Sassari (€8.75; 3 hours), and Abbassanta (€2.55 plus spare ticket for bike; 40 minutes). All trains except Abbassanta charge a €3.50 supplementary bike ticket.

It's possible to bike from Cagliari. Just follow the secondary road along SS130 for 55 km.

Trains from Oristano run to Cagliari (€4.75; 2 hours), Sassari (€7.75; 2.5 hours) and Olbia (€9.25; 3 hours).

Cycling Route

Day 1: Iglesias-Buggerru (4 hours; 34 km)

Today's ride is intentionally short, to allow you time to enjoy the great sites along the way. Head towards Sant'Antioco. The road is quiet and practically traffic-free (especially if biking on the weekdays). Enjoy a dip at Fontanamare before cycling towards Nebida.

From Nebida, follow signs to Masua. Masua is a great place to stop and rest before tackling the 220m climb that lies ahead. From there, it's a thrilling descent with coastline vistas, followed by a short climb up to Buggerru.

Day 2: Buggerru-Arbus (3 hours; 31 km)

Like yesterday, today's bike ride follows quiet country roads. The scenery varies from coastline views, to rugged mountaintops to sweeping plains. There's only one tough climb: the 7.2km ascent to Passo Bidderdi around mid-day. Follow signs to Arbus – you can't miss them.

Portixeddu is one of the few spots to stop for supplies. There are few restaurants and cafes in town, so load up before heading further into the countryside.

From Portixeddu, the route veers east and follows SS126 to Arbus.

Day 3: Arbus-Oristano (7 hours; 79 km)

Today's ride again offers isolated roads with sweeping coastal views. There's also quite possibly the only stretch of flat land on the entire island! There is an off road section, so thick tires are suggested.

Jump back on SS126 and retrace your steps. Head towards Portu Maga. You'll cycle through Ingurtosu, a deserted mining town that's well worth a stop. This is where the road turns rocky (for only 7km) as you wind down into Piscinas and the Costa Verde.

You'll cross the Rio Piscinas, which is never deep. At the time of writing, there was no accessible bridge, so you may have to walk your bike across (again, no worries; the water is ankle deep at most).

Portu Maga is your re-introduction to the coastline. It's also an ideal place for lunch. From there, it's 25km of cycling along the Costa Verde and its sweeping ocean views. Marceddi marks the end of the end of the coastal section; keep an eye out, because the town is easy to miss.

The route from Marceddi to Oristano is clearly marked. It heads east, then north up into town, thereby ending your cycling tour of Sardinia.

The next time you're consider a bike tour of Europe, think Sardinia!

Iglesias to Oristano Tour Map

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