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Adventure Cycling: Bike Tours in Sardinia

Adventure Bike Tours

Adventure cycling doesn't get much better than Sardinia. An isolated island off the coast of Italy, Sardinia remains fiercely independent both culture and tradition. Cycling through its rolling hills is like a trip back in time: you'll ride for hours along perfectly maintained, lightly trafficked roads (except for the occasional mule and cart) and cruise through charming hillside villas.

Cycling Sardinia is an adventure at its best, and should not be rushed. You owe it to yourself to slow down and experience their culture on their time.

You'll bike through sapphire-blue beaches, dramatic coastlines and a golden interior known for its rugged beauty.

Sardinia Bike Tours

Alghero Tour 2 Days 107.9 KM Moderate
Iglesias to Oristano Tour 3 Days 147.4 KM Moderate
Ghilarza to Nuoro Tour 4 Days 293.4 KM Difficult
Chia Tour 2 Days 93.6 KM  Moderate

The terrain is mostly hilly throughout the island; there is a mountain range running through the center, separating the plains on both east and western sides. There aren't any serious climbs, just an ever-present undulating routine of hill after hill after…

In addition to cycling, Sardinia offers culinary adventures. Be sure to try bottarga (tuna roe that's grated over fresh pasta), porcini mushrooms, torrone di Tonara (world-famous nougat) and our favorite: seadas (pastry stuffed with ricotta, then topped with lemon and honey).

Highlights of Bike Tours in Sardinia

  • Swimming in the Coasta Verde, one of the most pristine beaches in the Mediterranean
  • Exploring the mountains in Barbagia and Gennargentu
  • Sipping delicious Carignano wines just kilometers from where they're grown

When to Cycle Sardinia

Due to its position on the Mediterranean, Sardinia's weather is relatively mild. Even its summers are cycle-friendly, though the best time to cycle is May-June and September-October. If possible, try cycling on weekdays; chances are, you'll have the road to yourself most of the day.






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