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Rome History Tour - Self Escorted Tours Of Italy

Bike Tour Fast Facts...

escorted tours of italy,italy bike trips,rome bike tours,bicycle italy,bicycle touring italy Tour Name: Rome History Tour
Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: 3-7 Hours
Distance: 55KM
Begin/End: San Sebastiano/Frascati

A Historic Bike Tour Of Italy

Cycling in Rome is not for the faint-hearted. Cars, trucks, countless tourists… and of course, the never-ending motorinos (Italian for ‘mopeds') ensure bicyclists must remain on constant alert.

While there are escorted tours of Italy that you can chose from, we recommend cycling the tour with friends or family. This 55 km route takes roughly 3 – 7 hours, one way. If you can, try starting in the late afternoon on a Sunday. There's less traffic, and the shadows cast through Roman alleyways can be a truly inspiring site. Plus, portions of the Appia Antica are closed to motor traffic on Sundays.

Self Escorted Tours Of Italy Route

While cycling through Rome's city center is recommended for experienced cyclists only or with the help of an escorted tours of Italy company, the following route can be enjoyed by all skill levels. It begins in the very heart of Rome – and passes both the Colosseum and the Baths of Caracalla - but within 4 kilometers you find yourself riding one of history's most important ancient roads, the Appia Antica.

To get there, follow the signs to San Sebastiano, one of the most popular entrances to the city.
Apparently the saying “All roads lead to Rome” is true in this case. Riding your bike through the ruins and ancient tombs along the Appia Antica, you can literally feel the history beneath your spokes (the bumpy roads help).

There are occasional dirt paths running adjacent to the cobblestone road. Keep an eye out for them if the bouncing gets to be too much.

From central Rome, the route ventures to Rome's outlying areas, including small villages and trendy suburbs. It provides an excellent opportunity to see how Rome has expanded over the years.

You'll pass the Domine Quo Vadis, an ancient Church which is rumored to be the meeting place of St. Peter (the first Pope) and Jesus. Shortly after, you'll see the Catacombs of San Callisto. This is the most famous collection of catacombs, and well worth a visit.

There are many small villages along the Appia Antica – including Nemi and Roca di Papa - which can be enjoyed at your leisure. However, we suggest waiting to eat until you reach Frascati at end of your tour.
There are two enjoyable descents: after Nemi there is a 5km drop, and another after Roca di Papa.

Your final destination is Frascati, a hedonistic town famous for its (surprise!) wine and cheese. Romans – cycling or otherwise – flock here to enjoy the fine food and famously cheap wine. Chianti, Barolo and Super Tuscans are among the most popular varietals.

Many caninas in Frascati allow you to bring food in. While this cycling tour can be done a in a few hours, we do suggest eating in Rome, then having supper in Frascati.

You'll enjoy fantastic views of the valley and many pleasant spots along the Appia Antica, but be warned: this is not a ride for scenery. The real joy of this cycling tour through Rome is a chance to see all of Rome's history – from ancient to modern – in a very different way.

Getting Back to Rome from Frascati

There are hourly trains from Frascati to Rome's Stazione Termini for less than two Euros. Be sure to pick up your supplemental bike ticket in Rome beforehand.

Whether you ride on your own or want to join one of the many escorted tours of Italy, your experience is sure to be a memorable one. Consider the Lazio Tour, another one of the many Italy bike trips for a day trip excursion.

Rome Bicycle Tours

Rome History Tour 3-7 Hours 55 KM Moderate
Lazio Tour 1 Day 59.6 KM Easy - Moderate






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