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Bicycle Italy: Cycling Tours in Rome


If you have dreams to bicycle Italy, keep in mind Italy's capital can be hectic, to say the least. We've included several bicycle tours in Rome's outer regions, which get you away from the traffic and endless mazes of this ancient city.

Cycling through Rome's lesser explored regions provides its own appeal: you get to bike through one of the world's most fascinating cities and experience first-had the history and culture from thousands of years ago.

Rome Bicycle Tours

Rome History Tour 3-7 Hours 55 KM Moderate
Lazio Tour 1 Day 59.6 KM Easy - Moderate

Bicycle Tours in Rome

The first Roman cycling tour rides along Appica Antica, the ancient road that lead into Rome. It's also a glimpse into the history of Etruscan culture (a 7th century BC civilization that predates the Romans).  The Rome History Tour winds through Rome's ruins, and then into the suburbs before ending up in the fun-loving, cheap-drinking town of Frascati. Learn more about this self escorted tour of Italy.

The second Italy bike trip starts outside Rome , in Tarquinia, and winds through farmland and more Etruscan countryside.

Best Months to Cycle

Cycling Rome in July or August should be avoided. Tourists flock to Rome during the summer holiday, and the extreme heat can make biking a drag. The best times to cycle Rome is April-May and September-early October.

Planning Your Bike Tour

Before leaving, visit the tourist center, which offers plenty of maps and advice for navigating Rome's often-confusing roads.

Tourist offices:

Enjoy Rome
Via Marghera 8a
06 445 18 43

APT Office at Fiumicino airport
06 487 12 70

APT Office on Via Parigi
06 488 99 212

Bicycle Italy at Night: An Incredible Experience

If possible, take your bike out for a ride in the early evening. Weeknights are great; Sunday night is best. There is (relatively) little traffic and lamps cast eerie shadows along crooked pathways.






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Hands down, one of the best ways to explore Italy is by bike. No matter what skill level, we have over 35 Italy cycle tours to chose from giving you countless options. Bike Italy today!

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