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Italy Bike Tours >> Italian Alps & Lake District

Bike Tour Italy: Italian Alps and Lake District

Get Moving With Bicycle Touring

When you bike tour Italy in this region, you'll have options for all levels of difficulty. If you’re looking to bike through gorgeous countryside without gaining elevation, the Lakes District has plenty to offer. If, on the other hand, powering through challenging passes amidst snow-capped mountains is your idea of fun, the Alps will not disappoint.

This bike tour is Italy at its best and most extreme. There’s moderation as well: cycling the Valle d’ Aosta combines spectacular mountain scenery without the thigh-burning ascents founds elsewhere in the Alps.

Italian Alps and Lake District Tours

Aosta to Ivrea Tour 2 Days 126.6 KM Moderate
Turin to Pinerolo Tour 3 Days 223.8 KM Moderate - Difficult
Prato allo Stelvio to Lecco Tour 5 Days 366.6 KM Difficult
Sesto Calende to Lecco Tour 3 Days 253.4 KM Easy
Bergamo to Mantua Tour 3 Days 203.4 KM Moderate

Highlights of Bike Tours in the Italian Alps

  • Cycling along Lago di Como, one of the loveliest alpine lakes
  • Biking into the small charming village of Lecco
  • Exploring the quiet canals outside Milan
  • The long, isolated bike path from Peschiera to Mantua
  • Climbing up Slevio Pass

When to Cycle the Italian Alps

Summers in the valley can be uncomfortably hot and humid. However, if cycling into the mountains, summer is your only option. The best times to cycle are late May-June and October.

For more specific times, see each cycling tour’s description.

Regional Food

Like most parts of Italy, the food has its own regional flavor. Polenta (cornmeal), cheese and chocolates are all highly regarded in this region. Also, be sure to sample tortelli di zucca (pumpkin stuffed pasta) and risotto alla Milanese (saffron-infused pasta with the consistency of rice).


The environment changes considerably due to elevation. The valleys are rich in vegetation and farmlands are abundant. Higher up are thickly forested woods with plenty of shade and woodland animals. Up in the mountains, pine trees line the ridges before giving way to alpine meadows and snow capped icy peaks.






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Hands down, one of the best ways to explore Italy is by bike. No matter what skill level, we have over 35 Italy cycle tours to chose from giving you countless options. Bike Italy today!

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