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Guided Italy Tours

How To Select A Good Tour Package in Italy

If you don't feel comfortable riding your bike solo, then consider a guided Italy tour for your journey. There are several tour packages and bicycle tour companies that offer a wide variety of services to make your trip perfect.

Benefits of Guided Italy Tours

Guided tours are ideal for people who are limited on time and/or might not be the best vacation planners. It's also a great way to mingle with like-minded individuals who love to cycle and travel. Most guided Italy tour companies will handle the logistics of the entire trip, including transportation to and from the bike route, accommodations, bike and equipment, meals, and sightseeing. Having the expertise and knowledge of a local tour guide can make your trip that much more memorable.

Drawbacks of Bicycle Tour Companies

Guided tours aren't for everyone. They tend to be expensive and constrictive. If you love to travel with the flexibility of going here or there on your own time, then a guided Italy tour might not be for you. You will have to stay with the group and follow the tour schedule to respect everyone on the tour. Also, meals and accommodations might not meet your standards so bear that in mind.

How To Find The Perfect Bike Tour Package

Make a list of your skill level, what you would like to see (keep it general such as mountains, the sea, small charming villages, etc.), and how long you want to cycle for. Then research online for these factors.

Here's a few key considerations:

  • Ensure your physical ability matches that of the tour.
  • Consider how much time you want to ride your bike each day. Research the distances between destinations so you can be prepare for the journey.
  • Learn which services and activities are included versus optional.
  • Make sure there is a benefit of going with the tour company. They should add value to your trip that you couldn't have gotten on your own (such as experience).
  • Research the bike hotel ratings and locations in case you want to explore the town at night.
  • Determine out the maximum number of participants in a group. The smaller the group size, the better.

Tour Company Requirements

After you have researched several companies and have narrowed them down, you'll want to contact them directly to make sure they can meet your needs.

Ask them the following questions to make sure they are a good fit:

  • How long has the tour company been in business?
  • How many tours have they given and how many do they average each year?
  • How qualified is the tour guide?
  • What is included in the tour? Get specifics.
  • Can you provide references from clients?
  • What is the refund and/or cancellation policy?

Only book a guided Italy tour if you feel comfortable with everything. There are lots to chose from and you shouldn't feel you need to compromise your needs. If you want more flexibility, check out our recommended self-guided cycle tours.

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