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Bike Hotels in Italy

Accommodations and Italy Bike Hotels

If you are planning on cycling in Italy for your next trip, you will want to pre-book a bike hotel in Italy ahead of time. Proper planning is essential as some hotels aren't as bike friendly as others.

Finding A Bike Hotel In Italy

There are two specific things that you should look for before paying for any accommodations.

  1. Safe Bike Storage - Many hotels will not let you take your bike into a room so you'll want to be sure there is a safe location to store your bike.
  2. Breakfast - Most bike hotels in Italy will offer some type of complimentary breakfast, but be sure to check it it's a full hot breakfast or just a piece of toast.

Another thing to considerate is laundry service which can be hard to come by. If you are staying at a hotel and they offer laundry services, us it!

To find a bike friendly hotel, check out Albergabici ( They offer advertisements for bike hotels and accommodations in Italy.

Price of Accommodations

The price of bike hotels in Italy can range dramatically depending on where you are staying and how comfortable you want to sleep. If you are planning your trip in peak season or during a holiday, expect to pay for it. Also, keep in mind of the best time to cycle in a particular area. You might save a few euro's in the off season, but if it's raining or over 100 degrees it won't be worth it. Most budget hotels don't change their price throughout the year, however if it's low season try to bargain to see if you can save a few euro.

  • Budget accommodations can be found around 20€ and up.
  • Mid-range accommodations are generally around 80€ to 200€
  • Top End accommodations can get up to the thousands.

Where To Stay

There are lots of Italy bike hotels and other forms of accommodations available to chose from. Be sure to research all of the following options as some might suit your needs better than others.

  • Bed and Breakfast (B&B)
  • Camp Sites
  • Convents and Monasteries
  • Hostels
  • Hotels
  • Guest Houses (Pensioni)
  • Villas

Go Green

We always recommend staying at an ecofriendly bike hotel to minimize your global footprint. Be sure to check the hotel online before believing they are "green". Many hotels only say they are ecofriendly to try and capitalize on the new movement.

Legambiente Turismo ( has a comprehensive list of over 200 hotels that meet the ecofriendly requirements. Their rating is based on water and energy usage, waste production, and consumption of local food.

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