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Bike Holidays In Italy

Planning Your Cycling Holidays In Italy

If you want to take a bike holiday in Italy, you'll need to do some planning in advance before you jump on a flight - even if you're not a planner. There are a few things to consider ahead of time to make your trip that much more enjoyable. We'll cover the basics to help get you on your way.


Italy is an expensive country and is more challenging for the budget minded traveler. However, there are ways to travel inexpensively but you'll have to be creative.

Your greatest expense will be accommodations so if you can find inexpensive alternatives than you can really save some money. Be sure to find bike hotels or bike hostels in Italy that cater to the cyclist.

  • Hostels = 20€
  • Guest House = 30€
  • Room with Private Bath = 50€
  • Mid-range accommodations are generally around 80€ to 200€

Keep in mind that accommodations can change dramatically based on location and season. Try to balance these two factors with the ideal time for your cycle trip.

Meals can get expensive if you like to splurge on wine and the works. On average you should budget for around 20€ to 50€ per meal. If you eat the bulk of your meal during lunch time you can save a considerable amount of money.

Best Time for Cycling Holidays in Italy

Italy has a number of microclimate zones which can vary the temperature greatly. Check each cycle tours recommended months for travel before booking your trip. As a general rule, Spring (April - June) and Autumn (September - October) are the best time to cycle. Summer can be scorching hot unless you head to the mountain areas that are generally open after the snow melts.

What To Pack

Whether you are a seasoned cyclist or a beginner, packing less will ultimately make your journey easier - especially on any hill. Most of Italy is paved with ride-able roads so road bikes or hybrids will do just fine.

Clothes can become the bulk of your load so try to pack multifunctional items that you can wear while biking or sitting at a cafe for dinner. Go with lightweight fabrics that can be layered. Synthetic fabrics have made leaps and bounds over the past 50 years but can sometimes pick up unwanted orders. For more natural fabrics, consider silk, cotton, or wool. Pick bright colored items to make you more visible on the road.

Padded shorts are a must unless you like to stand for your meals. Also, a good pair of sunglasses will block harmful UV rays, wind, dust, and insects which can be very damaging to your eyes. Helmets and tools are not mandatory, but are HIGHLY recommended. There are Italy bike shops all across the country, but having your tools and equipment on your bike can be a life saver while on the road.

You can either rent a bike while you are there or ship your own depending on your comfort level. Packing a bike is easy and should be considered for a longer trip.

Self Guided or Tour Holidays In Italy

If you aren't comfortable taking a self guided cycle tour of Italy, then consider going with a tour company. Many offer bike rentals, equipment, guides, and recommended accommodations for your travels.

With a little planning, your bike holiday in Italy will be a more comfortable and rewarding experience.

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