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Bike In Italy

See Italy By Bike On Your Next Holiday!

Italy is one of the most popular cycling destinations around the world. Cyclists flock to Italy to enjoy the beautiful scenery, ancient architecture, Mediterranean climate, and world-class cuisine and wine.

The rugged and mountainous terrain of Northern Italy is a huge draw for advanced cyclists, while the plains and 7,600 km (4722 miles) of coastal low lands offer bike tours for all skill levels. A bike trip can easily be extended into one of the many bordering countries including Austria, France, Holy See (Vatican City), San Marino, Slovenia, and Switzerland.

Bike Italy Map

bike in italy

Italian Alps and Lake District Dolomites Adriatic Coast Liguria, Riviera, Maritime Alps Tuscany Sardinia Rome Sicily and The South

Italy Bike Tour Regions

This website is a reference to help you bike in Italy without any hassles or problems. We offer over 35 cycle tours that are broken down into 8 regions.

Select a region to learn more about the area and tours available.

When To Cycle In Italy

Spring (April - June) and Autumn (September - October) are the best times to cycle Italy. Summer can be scorching hot unless you head to the mountains.

  • Adriatic Coast: May-Jun or Sep-Oct
  • Dolomites: Jun or Sep
  • Italian Alps & Lake District: May-Jun or Sep-Oct
  • Liguria, Riviera, Maritime Alps: May-Jun or Sep-Oct
  • Rome: Apr-May or Sep-Oct
  • Sardinia: May-Jun or Sep-Oct
  • Siciliy & The South: May-Jun or Sep-Oct
  • Tuscany: Apr-May or Sep-Oct

The Giro d'Italia

Each May and June, professional cyclists race the three week Giro d’Italia, known as The Giro. It’s one of the most popular long distance bicycle races in the world and has helped raise interest in cycling Italy.

Benefits of Italy By Bike

Cycling Italy has a number of short and long term benefits:

  • Increase your overall health and fitness. Cycling is a excellent cardiovascular work out that will build muscle, lose fat, and increase your overall well being. The smooth movement of the bicycle is wonderful on joints and ligaments.

  • Protect the environment. If you ride a bike instead of taking a bus, taxi, car, or almost any other form of transportation, you are decreasing your global footprint for our future. Cycling is 100% human powered and reduces traffic congestion.

  • Save money and time. Renting or purchasing a bicycle is relatively inexpensive versus using other transportation. You can purchase a used bike for as little as $20 and it's a one time payment. There is no need to purchase gas or oil, reducing your long term costs. Also, studies have found that people who commute in inner cities and suburban areas by bike are likely to get to their destination faster than if they used a car.

Bike Italy With The Family

Many bicycle rental companies in Italy come equipped with child seats for children as young as 12 months that can be positioned to the back or front of the bike. If your toddler has outgrown the child seat, consider a trailer that is pulled along behind the bike. Be sure to get a roll bar in case of an accident. If you're child is just learning how to ride, there are trailers that form a half bike that attached directly to the back of the bike that allow them to pedal.

All children whether riding on their own or with the assistance of another should wear a helmet to protect their head. There are helmets that leave the ears exposed so they can hear directions better.

It is recommended that you expose your child to bicycling first before taking a long journey to get them comfortable and excited. Children can generally bicycle as long as they chose and we've seen many six-year-olds travel up to 15 km and more.

bike in italy

Tips For Your Family Trip To See Italy By Bike:

  • Pick a route designed for beginners with flat terrain to maximize your experience.
  • Avoid large and congested cities as they are more dangerous.
  • Watch your child closely for fatigue.
  • Make frequent stops to stretch, eat, and drink.
  • Bring extra clothes in case the weather changes.

Touring Italy By Bike

If you want to bike In Italy, there are several cycle tours available that range from one day to multi day tours depending on your plans.

  1. One Day Italy Bike Tours are the most common and easiest form of bicycling in Italy. Every major town in Italy provides bike rentals for around €20-€40 per day and you only need to pack a map, water, camera, money, and a few tools.

  2. Multi day Italy Bike Tours are perfect for the cycle enthusiasts and take a little planning. You can either travel from city to city, cycle around a major city, or simply make it up as you go. Whether you decide to use a guide or cycle solo a multi day tour is a great way to explore Italy.
italy bike tours

Bike Italy By Interest...

Guided Bike Tours Along The Coast
Italian Mountain Bike Tours
Historic Guided Bicycle Tours
Wine Tour Italy By Bike
City Escorted Italy Tours

Whether you love the turquoise coast or rolling wine country, cycling Italy has something for everyone.


Where To Go:
italy bike tours

Italy is an ideal place to bicyle with lots of different cycling tours available for beginners to advanced cyclists.

What To Pack:
italy bike tours

Planning an Italy bike trip is essential to making your trip more enjoyable.


bike italy

General Italy Bike Tour Information...

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All-in-One Bike Italy Guide

Get a snap shot of everything about cycling in Italy by clicking on the image below...

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Italy Bike Tours...

Hands down, one of the best ways to explore Italy is by bike. No matter what skill level, we have over 35 Italy cycle tours to chose from giving you countless options. Bike Italy today!

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